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Mafia Commission

Thomas Gambino Sr. runs a Medical charity racket in NY and resides in Florida as one of the top members of the modern Commission. Thomas Sr.'s wife is Frances Lucchese. They oversee the Luccheses and factions of the Gambinos. The Lucchesi-Palli family are a nobility of Sicily, Tuscany, and Austria and they own the Lucchese crime family. The Russian Mafia in Brighton Beach, New York pay tributes to the Lucchese crime family. The Russian Mafia has held meetings in Austria where the Lucchesi-Palli are nobles. Frank Stronach is an Austrian businessman that owns horse race tracks in the US including the Rosecroft Raceway in Maryland where the Corsican Mafia are covertly headquartered. The Corsican Mafia partnered with the Lucchese crime family through their "French Connection" heroin operation. The mafia use horse race tracks as headquarters for money laundering.
Carlo Gambino "Lucchese" is the grandson of the founder of the Gambinos through his father and grandson of the founder of the Luccheses through his mother. The Luccheses have an alliance with the Russian Mafia. The Russian Mafia have operations in Florida and California and the Gambinos live in New York, Florida, and California.
Thomas Gambino "Lucchese" Jr. owns an international warehouse and distribution company called Dynamic Worldwide with operations in China and other parts of Asia as well as in Texas next to the Mexican border. Thomas Jr. is headquartered out of Florida.
Frank Cali is the top boss in California and Los Angeles and has high authority within the Gambino crime family. Frank Cali covertly works with the Israeli-American businessmen Lyor Cohen who works with criminal rappers like Jay Z, Kanye West, DMX, and Method Man. Lyor Cohen is married to the deputy chairman of Christie's Asia Xin Li. The Massimo family of Rome own the Gambinos and Prince Tancredi Massimo works at Christies.
Rosario Gambino is Frank Calis uncle and adviser with close connections to Rome. The Gambinos are owned by the Massimo family with Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio who is like the godfather of organized crime. The Massimos received tributes from most mafias and cartels around the world.
Massimo Carminati who was imprisoned in 2017 was the head of the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari (NAR) a Neo-Fascist paramilitary group that still covertly exists and works with the Magliana Mafia of Rome. The NAR is involved in weapons trafficking, assassinations, and contract killings and they are owned by the Massimo family. Massimo Carminati was nicknamed the "Last King of Rome"
Leonardo Rizzuto is the head of the Montreal crime family which includes the Rizzutos and Cuntrera Caruana mafia. They have a business alliance with Venezuelan drug cartels and the Sinaloa Cartel. The Rizzutos have residences in Venezuela and meet with the Sinaloa Cartel on the Island of Margarita and properties owned by the Rizzuto crime family's owners the Ruspoli noble family of Rome.
Jack Giacalone runs the Detroit Mafia and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters in the US through James Hoffa the son of Jimmy Hoffa who was disappeared by the Giacalones. The Detroit Mafia runs rackets on the US automotive industry. Giacalone also works with the Jewish billionaire and crook Daniel Gilbert who owns casinos in Detroit, Cleveland, and also owns the Cleveland Cavaliers. Dan Gilbert renamed his casino company Jack Entertainment to honor Jack Giacalone. The Detroit Mafia is owned by the Odescalchi family of Rome.
Russell Papalardo is a top boss of the Cleveland crime family which works closely with the Detroit Mafia. The Licavole family have been top members of the Cleveland crime family. Their relative named Jimmy Laccavole is one of the most insane and relentless gang stalkers and paid slanderers in my region. He is a small little zealous psychopath that specializes in poisoning people and brainwashing them with insane lies. The Orsini family are owners of the Cleveland crime family and they are merged with the German Rosenberg family which own some Jewish mafias with the Def Jam CEO Paul Rosenberg as a member of the Jewish Mafia.
Meyer Lansky III runs territories in Vegas today and is a top member of the Jewish-Polish Mafia and associate of the Chicago Outfit. His grandfather Meyer Lansky was a Polish-Jew. Lansky III works with Tamares Group which is a casino company in Vegas owned by the Zabludowicz family which are Polish-Israeli Jews with Poju Zabludowicz. The Colonna family are owners of the Chicago Outfit and use the Roselli del Turco and Capponi noble families of Florence to mange them. Al Capone and John Rosseli were Chicago mobsters and related to these noble families. The Colonna family of Rome also have a Polish branch called the Colonna-Walewski family. Meyer Lanski was a Polish Jew.
Simone Rizzo DeCavalcate Jr. oversees the New Jersey crime family from Florida and he works with Wu-Tang rapper RZA or Robert Fitzgerald Diggs who lives in NJ and runs AVLN gangs, 5 Percenter Islamic Gang Stalkers, and other street gangs involved in drug trafficking of marijuana, PCP, crack-cocaine, and heroin. Wu-Tang also works with the Gambinos, Westies, and the Triads.
John Bokun is a high level and extremely dangerous Irish gangster that runs the Irish Westies in Hells Kitchen. John Bokun has a monopoly on marijuana both in the streets and in the medical industry. He extorts the medical marijuana industry and street sale of marijuana in the US. John Bokun was arrested several years ago for transporting a half of million in marijuana on his 40 million dollar jet from California to the East Coast. The Westies are allied with the Gambinos and Gottis. John Bokun is an extremely evil murderous psychopath that needs to be executed immediately.
Jay O'Connor is an Irish Mafia boss from Dublin. The Irish Mafia are extremely violent and involved in drug trafficking, gun trafficking, murder, extortion, thefts, robberies, and business rackets. The Irish Mafia often operate out of boxing clubs, bars, and racetracks. The Rooney family in the US are Irish white collar mobsters involved in politics and business. They recently sold their Yonkers Raceway in 2019 to MGM. They owned the Yonkers Raceway since 1972. In 1995 there were arrests at the Rooney's Yonkers Raceway for a multimillion dollar gambling ring.
Gerry Hutch is an Irish Mafia boss that runs rackets in the boxing industry and has been involved in robberies. Hutch has worked with the boxer Mike Tyson and has run boxing rings in Ireland. Conor McGregor is an associate of the Irish Mafia in Dublin and is a boxer and MMA fighter. The mafia rig fights for their bets. Bookies will collect bets and then the mafia decides who wins based on which is most profitable for them. Conor McGregor is an Irish mobster.
Terry Adams is an English gangster in Clerkenwell, London. The Adams crime family are involved in extortion, drug trafficking, human trafficking, sex trafficking of minors, blackmail, contract killings, and gold heists. The Clerkenwell Mafia is extorting the royal vault for gold. The Clerkenwell Mafia or Adams crime family are owned by the Massimo of Roccasecca family which live in London. Prince Stefano Massimo's mother was Dawn Addams.
Richard Valentini is the street boss of the Springfield Crew and he is one of the most violent and murderous members of Cosa Nostra. The Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga family own the Rochester crime family of New York which was headed up by Valenti mobsters with crime bosses Frank Valenti and Constenze Valenti. Their cousins own a large car dealership company in New England. Richard Valentini works under the Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga family of Venice. Its believed the Springfield Crew is part of the Genovese crime family. The Savoys own the Genovese mafia. The Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga family is currently married with the royal House of Savoy-Aosta. Prince Giberto Arrivabenne-Valenti-Gonzaga's wife is the daughter of Prince Amadeo of Savoy-Aosta.
Philip Andrew Genovese is a major pedophile living in Massachusetts and he is the grandson of Vito Genovese the founder of the Genovese crime family which works with the Springfield Crew in Massachusetts. Philip Andrew Genovese oversees Philip Gigante and Andrew Gigante of the Genovese crime family.
Andrew Gigante is a top boss of the Genovese crime family which have infiltrated Wall Street and run high end prostitution rings. Gigante means giant. The Gigantes work with the Mara family which own the NY Giants. The mafia rig sports for their bets. The Mara family are Irish white collar mobsters connected with the Jesuits and they work with the Rooney family through marriage which are white collar Irish mobsters, businessmen, and politicians that ran the Yonkers Raceway for decades. Racetracks are often mafia headquarters used for money laundering. The mafia works with owners of racetracks which allow them to claim their criminal profits like from drug trafficking were gambling wins.
Philip Gigante is a mobster and mayor in Airmonte, NY. The Savoy-Aosta family are owners of the Gigantes which have operations in New Jersey while the Savoys which live in Switzerland and are the princes of Naples and Venice are the owners of the Genovese family with the Gigantes being second in command. The Savoy-Aostas are also the Dukes of Apulia. The Apulian Mafia or Sacra Corona Unita mafia have deeply infiltrated New Jersey and work with the DeCavalcante crime family of New Jersey.
Liborio Bellomo is a high level mafia boss in the Genovese crime family. Liborio Bellomo spreads insane lies into society like a virus. Bellomo is from a Sicilian noble family and there is still a Bellomo castle in Syracuse, Sicily today. Bellomo operates out of the Bronx and oversees many African American gangs and mafias including a large gang ran by the criminal rapper Papoose out of Bedford–Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. This Bed-Stuy black mafia are major gun traffickers in New York.
Vincent Badalemeti is a ruthless and murderous boss of the Bonanno crime family. The Bonannos have an alliance with the Ceritto crime family which have moved from California to Texas. The owners of the Bonannos are the Boncompagni-Ludovisi family of Rome. Bon-compagni translates to good fellow or Goodfella which is a term for made men.
Joseph Merlino is one of the top bosses in Atlantic City and oversees Ft Lauderdale from Boca Rotan. The Merlinos were involved in building many of the casinos in Atlantic City including Trumps casinos. Donald Trump works with the Philly crime family and his Counselor Kellyanne Conway's grandfather was an associate of the Philly crime family. Merlino works with the Israeli white collar mobster and billionaire owner of the Miami Heat Micky Arison. Merlino also works with black street gangs run by the gangster rapper Cassidy who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for what was originally a murder charge. The Gaetani family are owners of the Philly Mob and the Merlinos. Trump is friends with Prince Gaetani d’Aragona Lovatelli and his ex wife dated him for years. Lovatelli just as Philly is called the City of Brotherly Love.
Joseph Ligambi is a high level consiglieri for the Philly Mob and he works with the Jewish billionaire and owner of the Philadelphia Eagles Jeffrey Lurie who rigs games for the mafias bets. Joseph Ligambi also works with the Jewish billionaire Joshua Harris who is an owner of the Philadelphia 76's and co founder of Apollo Global Management with the Jesuit educated Knight of Malta Tony Ressler. Ligambi has similar ancestry as the Gambinos and has Philly mobsters loyal to him including George Borgesi, Joseph Massimino, and Mikey Lancelotti and all of their names refer to the Roman noble families; the Borgheses, Massimos, and Massimo-Lancellottis which are owners of the Gambinos.
John Gotti Jr. is a high level member of the modern Commission. He works with 50 Cent who runs both Bloods and Crips on the East Coast. Gotti Jr. and 50 Cent can be seen hanging out together. Gotti Jr. operates out of Long Island and manages Jewish billionaires and businessmen in New York through blackmail and extortion. The mafia uses violence to control wealth. This creates a layer of protection for the owners of the mafia which are the Black Nobility of Rome. The mafia provides children and underage sex workers to pedophiles in business and politics while taping them in the act and then use this to blackmail them. They use violence, blackmail, and extortion to control wealth. John Gotti is an extremely dangerous coward that controls other men through faggotry. Faggotry really means men raping other men to control them. Faggot derives from the word Fasces where the word Fascism also derived. Many Jewish billionaires are working with mafia including the child murdering pedophile Michael Bloomberg.
Louis Vallario is a Gambino street boss from Brooklyn working under the Gottis and he manages the Brooklyn born record producer Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy Iovine is an associate of the Gottis and Gambinos and he manages Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg are top bosses of the West Coast Crips and they are extremely evil. Jimmy Iovine who is worth over 900 million is close friends with Dre who is worth about 700 million. Dr. Dre and the Crips are involved in human trafficking and pedophilia cults. They use faggotry to control other men. Dr. Dre is a major faggot and pedophile. This makes him extremely insecure and dangerous.
John Gotti III is a MMA fighter working with the UFC and has infiltrated mixed martial arts industry which is used for rigging fights for bets and recruiting mafia enforcers. Gotti III is ruthless and murderous.
Dennis Pappas is a high level criminal associate of the Colombo crime family and works as a financier and law adviser for Cosa Nostra. Dennis Pappas was convicted of racketeering and tax evasion and later worked for the wealthy Venetian Cipriani family who were also investigated and fined for tax evasion assisted by Pappas. Dennis Pappas worked as a high level executive of Cipriani USA which owns restaurants and nightclubs. The Ciprianis own clubs all over the world and are originally from Venice. They are likely worth billions. They moved their company headquarters to Luxembourg where there are banking secrecy laws. During Pappas original arrest in the 90's for racketeering he claimed he worked as a spy for the FBI involving 1993 World Trade Center bombing to blackmail them into getting a plea deal.
Salvatore DeLaurentis is the boss of the Chicago Outfit which has a covert alliance with the Los Zetas drug cartel. The Chicago Outfit also covertly runs many Vegas casinos today and use them for money laundering. The Chicago Outfit specializes in controlling democratic politicians including Clinton and Obama. Obama has business connections with Tony Rezko who was convicted of wire fraud, extortion, and corrupt solicitation. Obama is also friends with Alexi Giannoulias whose bank made loans worth millions to convicted mobsters Michael Giorango and Demitri Stavropoulos. The Chicago Outfit has agents that have infiltrated the Chicago police department and the Chicago Mafia also works with various black street gangs which move drugs for them.
James Inendino is a Chicago mobster operating out of Cicero right next to Chicago. They have a headquarters at the Hawthorne Race Course in Cicero owned by the Carey family. Hawthorne was involved in the 70's in gambling rings and an arson to cover it up.
Peter DiFronzo is a Chicago mobster and brother of the recently deceased mafia boss John DiFronzo. John DiFronzo owned car dealerships which the mafia use for moving stolen vehicles which they use to transport drugs and for human trafficking. They use dealer plates to move around these stolen vehicles. The Chicago Outfit is covertly involved in pedophilia rings and child trafficking and they blackmail politicians and businessmen that are propped up with videos of them molesting children.
The Fertitta family with Frank Fertitta III, Lorenzo Fertitta, Tilman Fertitta are billionaires and members of the Galveston crime family and run the UFC. The Fertittas married with the Maceo crime family of Galveston, Texas. The Ferttitas operate in Nevada and Texas. The Fertittas also own Station Casinos which operates in Vegas. They use casinos for money laundering. Casinos are rigged. Dan Caldwell is an Irish mobster and owner of Tapout. Caldwell works with the Fertittas and Irish Mafia and he is extremely evil. Dan Caldwell is a psycho. Tillman Fertitta is the owner of the Houston Rockets and manages James Harden who is a ruthless satanic psychopath and mafia associate that defends the Fertittas. James Harden is a horrible person.
Vincent Civella is a high level made man in the Kansas City crime family which have operations in Missouri, Texas, and Nevada. The Sansone family are members of the Kansas City crime family with Michael Sansone and Anthony Sansone as made men and they have white collar mafia relatives running a large real estate company in Missouri. The mafia infiltrates everything including real estate. They have rackets in nearly every industry.
Vincenzo Isoldi is a Camorra mobster in Pittsburgh and associate of the Pittsburgh crime family. The Pittsburgh crime family runs the Jewish billionaire Mark Cuban who owns the Dallas Mavericks. Mark Cuban was originally from Pittsburgh and he is involved in rigging games for the mafias bets. The Borghese, Torlonia, and Rocco di Torrepadula families are owners of the mafia in Pittsburgh sometimes called the LaRocca crime family and the Torlonias also own the Kansas City crime family which have criminal operations in Dallas. The Torlonias are a continuation of the ancient Conti di Segni family and Gregorio Conti founded the Pittsburgh crime family. The Torlonias are the Princes of Civitella Cesi. The Civella family were founding members of the Kansas City crime family. Civitella and Civella both mean owl. The Hunt family own the Kansas City Chiefs and are also connected with Dallas. The Chiefs CEO and President Clark Hunt was born in Dallas.
Victoria Gotti is a female member of Cosa Nostra. Female members of the mafia are directly involved with pedophilia, child trafficking, and murdering children. Victoria Gotti is really evil and ruthless.
Carmine Agnello is a Gambino-Gotti associate and made man in the Cleveland crime family. Agnello and the Cleveland mafia infiltrate blue collar industries. Carmine Agnello is extremely evil. The Gaetanis are part owners of the Gottis. The Gaetanis are married with the billionaire Agnelli-Elkann family with Ginevra Elkann the granddaughter of Gianni Agnelli married to Prince Giovanni Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona.
Frank Agnello-Gotti is a high level made men in the Gambino crime family and they also manage the Albanian Mafia with his brothers Carmine and John.
Carmine Agnello-Gotti is a high level mobster. The Gottis are considered royalty among the Italian Mafia.
John Agnello-Gotti is likely the head of the Gotti-Agnellos. John Agnello-Gotti is a murderous thug.
John Alite is a high level Albanian mobster and Gambino made man and hitman. Alite works with the Gottis and Gambinos and oversees factions of the Albanian Mafia. The Jewish-Albanian rapper named Action Bronson is a covert Albanian mafia boss and oversees a US faction of the Hellbanianz which are headquartered in London. The Hellbanianz oversee the Albanian Boys which are a national crime organization.
Chris Colombo runs prostitution rings, pedophilia rings, and specializes in blackmail. The Colombos also have a monopoly on cocaine trafficking. A man named Vincent Martello works with the Colombos in the Greenwich and Long Island area. He runs an intelligence network for Cosa Nostra. He also makes threats on behalf of the mafia and is involved in trafficking children in the trunks of vehicles that he sells. The Colombos are an extremely evil and active crime family in New York City and they work closely with Jewish white collar mobsters which specialize in embezzlement, criminal financing, and infiltration.
Raymond Patriarca Jr. is a hidden boss of the New England crime family which have operations in Boston, Providence, and New Haven. They are involved in human trafficking, extortion, and blackmail. They are an extremely violent and oppressive mafia and they are allied with Jewish white collar mobsters, Irish Mafias in Boston including the Winter Hill Gang and the Puerto Rican Mafia in Boston headed up by the criminal Puerto Rican rapper Termanology or Daniel Carrillo who lives outside of Boston. The New England crime family work closely with the Romney family and with Bain Capital and Bain & Company through Stephen Pagliuca a co-founder of Bain Capital and owner of the Boston Celtics. Romney's Bain Capital was originally financed by offshore accounts from Latin American businessmen including associates of the Puerto Rican Mafia. Raymond Patriarca Jr. is Italian-Irish and has a Jewish wife.
Carmen Dinunzio is a top boss of the New England crime family and its Boston faction. Carmen Dinunzio works with the Jewish-Zionist billionaire Robert Kraft the owner of the New England Patriots. Tom Brady is a criminal agent of Kraft and he is involved in cheating and fixing games for the mafia's bets. Tom Brady also works with motorcycle gangs including the Iron Horseman and Hells Angels which traffic meth and also adrenochrome which Tom Brady consumes. The Patriots are known for fixing games with spying and deflating footballs during a game because they practiced with deflated balls giving them an advantage. Robert Kraft has donated large amounts of money to the Jesuit colleges Boston College and College of the Holy Cross. The primary owners of the New England crime family are the Bourbon-Two Sicilies family and their ancestors officially established the Jesuits.
Frank Colacurcio Jr. runs the sex trafficking industry including trafficking of children in the North West part of the US including in northern California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. The Coacurcios own a lot of strip clubs in Seattle used as fronts for brothels. The Seattle crime family works with Aryan Brotherhood gangs, Nazis, and Yakuza. There is a large scale human trafficking network from Asia to the West Coast with members of the mercenary company United Resources Group involved. Yakuza and Triads have also infiltrated the ports on the West Coast. The Palin family in Alaska are heavily involved in human trafficking. The Seattle crime family also works with Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos who finance and participate in human trafficking. They use their collective hundreds of billions to bribe police and government agents.
Vincent Loscalzo is a top member of the Trafficante crime family of Florida. The Trafficantes work with the Cuban Mafia and are involved with cocaine trafficking with the Cuban Jesuit Fanjul family of sugar manufacturers. They conceal cocaine as sugar. The Trafficantes work with the CIA and have operations and casinos in Cuba. Cuba is a hide out for mobsters. The CIA also fakes deaths of high profile criminals which hide out in Cuba like the ruthless mobster and rapper Lesane Parish Crooks. The Trafficantes also work with the New Orleans crime family which are major human traffickers and specialize in murder and disposing of bodies. The New Orleans crime family has an alliance with the Gulf Cartel.
Chris Paciello is a former mafia hitman and currently a night club owner in Miami, Florida. Paciello is still a member of Cosa Nostra and works covertly with the Trafficantes. He also manages the criminal rapper Rick Ross who took his name from the drug trafficker Freeway Ricky Ross. Trina is a female member of the African American mafia in Miami and is involved in child trafficking and child murder. The rapper Rick Ross can be seen hanging out with Chris Paciello on numerous occasions at Paciello's Miami clubs.
Joseph Caridi is a high level member of the Lucchese crime family which have a monopoly on the heroin market. The Luccheses own a funeral home called Joseph A Lucchese Funeral Home with a crematorium in the Bronx which they use for disposing of bodies. Joseph Lucchese is a member of the Lucchese crime family and he disposes of bodies in his crematorium and also murders people by burning them alive. The Luccheses are probably the most murderous mafia on the planet. They work with the Corsican Mafia which are headquartered in Baltimore. They import opium and heroin mostly through the ports on the East Coast and Thomas Gambino-Lucchese Jr. also traffics in heroin through Mexico.
Joseph Lubrano is a high level Lucchese mobster headquartered in Yonkers and he oversees rappers from Wu-Tang, Yonkers based D-Block, and the Harlem based Diplomats which are running the modern day Drug Council which is the head of the African American Mafia in the United States. D-Block which are from Yonkers are the head of the modern day Council. Confirmed members of the Drug Council include Jadakiss, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Ghostface Killah, and Jim Jones with his associate Hell Rell. The Yonkers based gangster rap group D-Block are the head of the modern Council and they work with Jay Z. They recently signed to Jay Z's record label.
Semion Mogilevich is a Jewish-Russian mafia boss headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Mogilvech's mafia runs some Israeli Mafias and has a portion of authority over the IDF through former IDF Chief Benny Gantz whose family was from Hungary. Mogilvech has owned a military arms manufacturing plant and this mafia also specializes in making snuff films. The Austrian House of Esterhazy and Lucchesi-Palli family are owners of the Mogilevich Mafia.
Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov is a Russian Mafia boss with operations in Monte Carlo, Monaco. Tokhtakhunov is an associate of the Corleonisi mafia clan of Sicily which also have operations in Monte Carlo where they launder their criminal profits through casinos. The royal family of Monaco the Grimaldis previously ruled in Genoa which ruled in the Black Sea region and they had relationships with the Romanovs and Khazarian nobles. Putin is a close friend with Prince Albert II of Monaco. Tokhtakhunov has admitted to meeting Putin.
Kwok Wing-hung is a Chinese Triad boss. The Triads have operations on the West Coast in the US and have infiltrated the ports. They are involved with human trafficking of Asian women and children. They are also involved in thefts, protection rackets, and manufacturing and selling knock offs of high end goods. Prince Francesco Luca Costa Sanseverino di Bisignano is from a Sicilian noble family and he was born in and resides in Hong Kong overseeing the Triads. Most mafias are managed by Cosa Nostra and pay them tributes. Cosa Nostra means "Our Thing" which refers to the Italian criminal's monopolization of organized crime.
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Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 290 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 146.4 Axact Fake Diplomas Printed on Long Island? - YouTube
    • It's day one 46.4
    • And this is the follow-up to the story this morning with AXACT solutions
    • Here's the guy who was in the United States his name is [[UMAIR HAMID]]
    • He also went by the last name of Shah like our Mohammad Shah
    • Preet Bharara only gives him 21 months in jail
    • This is in April 12, about the same exact day I discovered the hard drives at Imran Awanshouse in Hawkshead
    • So it's an odd timing here
    • But they sold millions of dollars worth of fake degrees now
    • Again, with the type of system that we have with Palantir, all the money that can be traced all the accounts that goes through can be recovered
    • Now, this case was just recently reopened here in Pakistan
    • And we just have to wonder if our friend Mr. Pompeo was behind that
    • We don't really know
    • But in India obviously this was a big story this massive diploma mill
    • Again, it broke about the same day I was there with the hard drives in Hawkshead
    • So you just wonder if there wants--with the Shah connection had any involvement
    • This was in a Long Island here's the spelling Umair Hamid right there
    • And there was an acting Judge June Kim or excuse me an acting US attorney
    • And I always think those are interesting situations
    • Here's the follow-up on the geography that I didn't have quite right
    • Here was this guy which was this Levy, this William David Levy you had all these Lamborghinis
    • And Porsches nd BMWs and Mercedes he was right here
    • I was in Port Washington I had Pizza in a very hot crowded place with expensive pizza in Port Washington
    • And that was actually the East Egg in the Gatsby looking across here to West Egg
    • I can't remember if she looked at him or who looked at who from where
    • But the Russians place was in Glen Cove
    • One of the Russian places where the Russian spies were were over here in Glen Cove
    • Now, if you if it seems like the Russians were pathfinders
    • Both of these areas of these these mansions one in Maryland the other one in New York Oh both by the DuPont family
    • And the DuPont's bring in these Russians
    • And it seems like the Pakistanis following the Russians feet like the Russians get established sort of like gangs in New York
    • And then the Pakistanis end up doing the dirty work for them--the Pakistani ISI
    • And I'm talking about Russian Intelligence obviously not the actual people from the country
    • But anyway other key sites up here in Oyster Bay is Sagamore Hill, where Teddy Roosevelt's mansion is
    • And that other Awan doctor was out here in Smithtown, near this north fort of VA center in this medical center, that's been cited for poor not very good sanitary conditions
    • And then there's the state home was a little bit further out here in on Long Island
    • Now, just to follow up
    • This is the house where the Russians live near Glen Cove is called Killingworth
    • And that is.
    • Ok so there's Killingworth a state
    • And this is George Pratt DuPont I believe that--I don't know if that Pratt family there is the Pratt & Whitney
    • But DuPont obviously with weapons fame in the United States Dow Chemical
    • And DuPont being the two key weapons sort of the crupp's of America
    • There is work Killingworth is right there in Glen Cove
    • And then there's another Russian mission over here in Upper Brookville, just south, just south of Teddy Roosevelt's place in Sagamore Hill
    • Here's that article about the Russian controversy at the beach
    • I don't know if they were wearing Too tight of shorts or exactly what the problem was
    • But they wanted to access the beach in
    • So that was just kind of a funny article
    • And then then there of course is Port Washington with its location as well to finish this off
  • Day 147.1 Senior Executive Service - Lockheed Plants? - YouTube
    • It's day 147 this is part one
    • And I'm continuing my series on the Senior Executive Service
    • This is a civilian service that sometimes has executive positions in our military
    • And those are the most troublesome to me, because first of all they can be filled by military personnel, which are a lot cheaper
    • But second of all, it's bringing folks in who might have not have as much experience in the field in military and battle situations
    • And bringing them in over people that have spent their careers in the military
    • And Lori Hammock one of our best researchers sent me a list of just Navy
    • And I clicked on the first name in the Navy
    • And I saw this gentleman--he's younger than I am
    • He's a head of Naval Air Systems Command
    • Now, you probably remember Naval Sea Systems Command or NAVSEA down at the Navy Yard
    • But this is net nav air it's shortened NAVAIR there is the short parlance
    • And it's in Pax River here in Maryland--the Pax River runs the whole length of Maryland.
    • Kind of splits Maryland right down the center
    • So this is where all be weapon systems...and this guy spent about 20 years in the procurement business
    • But I'll just drill down again, which is what I love to do
    • And he just was seated as the new deputy commander of NAVAIR
    • Again, nothing against Mr. Ahmad here
    • But I would like to see someone who has battle experience I would like to see somebody who knows actually how cruise missiles work
    • Has manufactured them seen them in an operation, rather than somebody who is an executive
    • Again, if you don't know at NAVAir Systems, here's NAVAIR their logo
    • And of course the cruise missile and other weapons systems are what they're famous for
    • And here are their locations
    • And of course China Lake is going to be another one of these locations
    • Now, I know these weapons testing facilities
    • I've met a lot of people from NAVSEA
    • And I've met a lot of people from NAVAIR in my 3D printing days
    • And this energetics or their weapons testing is seems to be the most--if you are gonna go for the corruption, it seems to be in the weapons area
    • I'm not sure if that's a DuPont, Dow kind of connection with going all the way back to napalm or what the reason is
    • But that just seems to be the area of the weapons
    • And because if you're at war you sell a lot more of these than if you're not at war
    • So it just seems like the folks in energetics are always trying to make something happen around the world to launch these missiles
    • Now, I get the fact that we if we buy them, we have to use them
    • But I don't think we need to be making up excuses to go to war
    • But here is Cherry Point--here's Cherry Point, North Carolina
    • That's going to be another one of our ports of interest Jacksonville another port of interest
    • Port Magoo I don't know where that is I'm wondering if that's near San Diego I have to look that up
    • And of course Orlando and Lakehurst
    • So there are your NAVAIR locations
    • And here very quickly I'll go through the resume here he is at Senior Executive Service
    • He went here locally at College Park Maryland
    • Just recently deputy commander, which is a pretty high level position
    • Again, could be filled by a Navy guy at much less money
    • The guys who drive ships for instance these captains of these aircraft carriers make less than this guy makes
    • But here he is in beginning of 2009, I'm not saying he's a Hillary appointee
    • But he's doing all that purchasing of weapons systems...for eight years
    • That means of eight years ago, nine ten years ago actually now, almost he was doing all the maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft
    • Again, no pilot experience--you would think someone who had been a pilot had done a lot of patrol, like an Eric Prince, who runs--Blackwater, something like that would know a lot more about reconnaissance aircraft
    • Again, I'm just going on the principle, that if you've used the suit use the equipment in a battlefield situation, you're going to have the best feedback about procurement--it just make says
    • And again, going back here on further in his career, doing the heads-up display systems for different types of pilots...just seems to be again, operational experience
    • Now, this black belt has come up
    • You might have remembered the gal who said "not your turn to burn"
    • But the gas cans that we've met a couple of days ago was a General Electric Six Sigma
    • The idea here the Sigma's are points of defect
    • So a tenth of your product is defective, a hundredth of your product, a thousandth of your product, one in a hundred thousand is Six Sigma
    • So that's the idea behind that and have this thing called black belt
    • And a lot of this is being used to make up for or be used in place of real world expertise
    • And you can give somebody this black belt sigma signification
    • And all of a sudden that allows them to become a senior executive
    • And I think a lot of this is overplayed tremendously
    • Again, he starts at pack, he starts at these Naval Air Systems going all the way back about 13 years now
    • Again, and then here's his education University of Maryland till 85
    • So we have one of those gaps again, in the resume from 85 to 2004
    • We don't really know what happened
    • Again, we need to drill down on all the SES folks for this gap
    • I'm sure there's some background, maybe in the military
    • I can't imagine him not having some Navy experience to just jump right into buying projects for Pax River
    • But again, I think with this program, with these civilians coming in and then its kind of has this unionizing aspect
    • We don't need a union in the middle of our military, which has to be responsive
  • Day 147.2. Lockdown at George Webb Hotel - Hostage Situation? - YouTube
    • Well it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood we have a lock down here with AR-15s all sorts of action
    • I got greeted
    • {{ Inaudible wind }}
    • Country Inn here
    • So there's nothing nothing short of excitement here
    • I'll get back to you when the lockdown situation is over with
    • But we've definitely got a lot of action here
    • It looks like a commando unit
    • We're gonna have some paramilitary coming into the hotel
    • I did not hear any shooting
    • I did not hear any yelling screaming or anything like that that would lend you to believe that there would be an active shooter situation here at the hotel
    • But we do have quite a bit of law enforcement here
    • Looks like a command center just rolled in
    • So we'll be giving you updates as we go got everything kind of blocked off here
    • So we'll give you updates as we go I think the command centers being established over here for some reason
    • I think that current commands seem to be coming from that direction
    • But looks like a SWAT units gonna be taking over did
    • Just get your opinion really quickly here Task Force
    • Do you think it's like a local commander giving command over to a Task Force
    • TF: So be on the second floor yeah they came they walked into my room
    • And they said you have to get out of second floor immediately
    • And then when I came out they said there was a police guys hiding in the doorways
    • And they said somebody's something's going on somebody's on the second floor
    • There's emergency get out of the building
    • So when I came out they first brought us down to the kitchen
    • And then they said you have to leave the kitchen immediately
    • And get away from the building
    • G: So it looks like they're setting up the command center over there by the Home Depot
    • We'll get back with you more as things develop here
    • We certainly hope everyone's safe
    • Police look like they're here in force
    • So PG County is here looks like they are setting up a command center over there at the Home Depot home to SWAT command over there at home depot parking lot
    • We certainly would hope there's not a hostage situation here
    • But we'll get back to you as more situations develop
  • Day 147.3. SWAT Commander Going In - Seems Like a Hostage Situation - YouTube
    • It looks like we have a SWAT commander heading in right now, from the unit from the command center it's in the hotel
    • I think they're gonna probably at this point do a room-to-room search
    • And Task Force in your experience looks like we got several guys going in with AR-15s
    • G/TF Yeah yeah room to room do you think dynamic entry--what's that kick down the doors is that kick down doors?
    • {{ 911: They were giving an excuse to search YOUR ROOMS and take out your computer equipment and/or plant stuff on your computers }}
    • So they are definitely going in with a lot of firepower trying the commander
    • The commander did not seem worried at all yeah the BDUs
    • TF: that's like a dynamic entry team
    • But the guys that went in before three guys hostage right setting up a hostage situation there's a problem it looks like this team's looking at what exit points or something for removal of these barriers or evidence
    • {{ TF is never loud enough for the transcription to happen }}
    • TF: There be any kind of explosive stuff because we do move way far away if there was or or he if he has access he doesn't have access to a window or something because they wouldn't let us be standing here
    • G: So you think at this point it looks like there's some activity that looks like they might have it localized down to one of room maybe?
    • G: And in my room I was in bed when I walked out he was hiding in a doorframe really close to my room looking down the hall it's on the second floor and then when I came downstairs another officer told me there's something going on on the second floor the kitchen. and then right after that they said get out of the kitchen you guys have to get away from the building and go at least
    • G: Because we've had the fake cop situation here they slammed on my door like five times, and I kind of like was slow getting out because just because we had the fake cop thing
    • And the guy I opened the door to ask for a search warrant, big guy kept AR-15 pointed at my feet
    • So I just decided, I just decided to leave at that point
    • It literally was pointed at my red tennis shoe laces
    • And I said OK is this is the warning shots are through them through the feet
    • Sound I'm getting and he was in full riot gear
    • So this was definitely a not a good way to wake up it looks like maybe the person gave up, because they seemed to have a relaxed demeanor now,
    • It looks like it might have given up here all right we'll come back to you more when we have more news
  • Day 147.4. Possible Hostage Situation. - YouTube
    • What what is he saying? Is he still is he blocking off
    • So that means that obviously the persons not in custody, yet right?
    • I do see some officers leaving
    • So that would lead me to believe that oh oh oh
    • TF: {{ Mumble mumble inaudible }}
    • I see he's gonna block off the little stream oh oh I see I see he's gonna block off the street up here
    • I got you no more street traffic on here
    • Okay I get it I see, you're right there blocking off everything
    • I guess we've got a extended situation on our hands
    • Have you been involved in any hostage situations?
    • TF: Yeah
    • G: Is this standard procedure?
    • TF: yeah when the when the SWAT team comes in they are taking over {{ inaudible }}
    • G: But are you are you trying to I mean I mean this one you start blocking off streets that to me says the person's not being cooperative they're not being cooperative yeah they're not surrendering
    • And they wouldn't be they wouldn't be blocking right they blocked off this street now, over here to traffic down this way and
    • Now, they're blocking off this street down there
    • And then they've covered this back here with officers on both sides here {{ inaudible: wind }}
    • They don't look like they're giving up
  • Day 147.5. Prep For Swat Dynamic Entry - Child Hostage? - YouTube
    • We heard a loud bang like a door was being knocked in
    • And right after that it looks like it looks like that the hostage may have, or not the hostage
    • But it may have been a potential hostage situation
    • But the person involved gave up, it looks like
    • We just saw an officer put his ar-15 it is it is back in this car, which literally looks like
    • And I saw some shields and ramming devices being put away
    • It does appear though that there are more police still coming on the scene which which is odd, because we have police leaving
    • {{ 911: Donut Reinforcements / Donut Shift Change }}
    • And down at the other end
    • I mean I never thought I would see a situation our hotel
    • Now, I do I don't know if we want to say any more details about --looks like some of this military paramilitary gear type of stuff
    • Yeah there's more stuff coming in and
    • OK So maybe we don't have this situation over with we've got a lot of unmarked cars as well
    • He's moving in with a rifle right
    • Now, why would he be coming around the back like that?
    • Has he moved over to Home Depot?
    • I did hear a loud boom I did hear a loud boom
    • I wonder if he made it over to the Home Depot or not
    • I'm wondering if it's moved actions moved from here to Home Depot, because he is moving in the direction of Home Depot
    • I don't think they want us to come any closer than this
    • But the MRAP one SWAT mobile
    • It looks like looks like they shifted from the regular cops more to a SWAT team kind of configuration, with more of a with more of a bigger perimeter here
    • Looks like a larger perimeter
    • And they do seem to be focusing on the Home Depot over here, the 7-eleven is behind us
    • So we'll come back to more as we get more
  • Day 147.6 SWAT Team Goes In - Flash Bangs For Hostage? - YouTube
    • Ok we see
    • Now, the SWAT guys coming
    • And they look like they're pretty much loaded for a dynamic entry here several folks coming five or six
    • So I I think at this point if the hostage has refused or excuse me if the person who's barricaded in the room has not acquiesced at this point I really don't think there's much questions to be asked right at this point I mean
    • But will they be like shooting
    • And asking questions later or well I would think you would have a weapon at that with all this kind of firepower well chances are because of all the response potentially they know who it is yeah they brought sure they know it is by
    • Now, who's had a history of armed robbery or something on a violent crime of some type right warranty because they seem like it seems like we've had a changeover in the in the folks it the more military military stance kind of police
    • And SWAT command type of units rather than PG County seems to be pushed out to these perimeters doing more traffic control right the more line officers we'll get pushed out
    • And they'll handle all the perimeter duties yeah
    • And they splotchy no more kind of trained or guys that are trained for this specific kind of deal we'll move in we can take take over take control
    • we'll get back they're gonna obviously go in
    • And get the well we don't know if it's a hostage yet
    • But they're gonna go in
    • And get the person out
    • And we'll have film of that hopefully
  • Day 147.7 Hostage Negotiator Being Brought In? - YouTube
    • Ok the SWAT team has gone in at the hotel there seems to be there was only two SWAT members that went in
    • There's like four or five other guys that are assembled here
    • But it it appears that we've got movement
    • And some kind of decisions been made
    • But I don't see I don't really hear any loud noises or any I guess negotiations would be going on now, wouldn't they?
    • TF: Yeah {{ no translation }} had four guys in full gear ar-15 full SWAT gear and you're telling them one at this point hey it's gonna be we're gonna get your you're negotiating you've been in this situation yeah
    • G: So you wanna you don't want to bust down the door you want to know yeah we just want this to be easy we're here to help you are you asking him do you have weapons there with you yeah in there with you you have any weapons--and then you really want to reassure them that you're here to help
    • And you care about them and--you're nothing Bad's gonna happen
    • And you and just come out
    • And well--we'll take care of you kind of thing excellent well that's good analysis we we have a team over here assembled ready to go
    • But it doesn't look like they're going to the to the more than two guys approach there's there's activity with people running around
    • But you see it seems like they might what do you get from this what's the demeanor what do you get from this initially looks like negotiators
    • And you see two more SWAT guys
    • So they might have just needed six then you got some guys waiting here at the SWAT got a case maybe they need more
    • But if you have a room
    • But only one room I mean some like you're gonna have 15 guys go ahead right usually have like a team of six yeah something like that
    • And that might be what's happening is they're negotiating
    • And then they've got the team on standby in case they need to make some sort of dynamic entry for a bigger yeah
    • well we'll have more for you as it develops
  • Day 147.8. Big Armor Moving In - Cover For Hostage Negotiator? - YouTube
    • Looks like we're gonna have a dynamic entry here looks like bigger teams going in
    • We just heard an officer that Sheriff right there that car leaves saying we're going to cover the back
    • So it does not look like the person is coming out willingly
    • This probably is turning toward a not-so-good end here
    • But they had two guys in there already right
    • Now, they walked up and
    • Now, they bring in a heavy armored vehicle to bring up the next two guys yeah
    • Now, I see a helicopter involved in this situation here coming overhead
    • And just and this officer here said I'm going to cover the back it looks like they made the decision to bust down the door yeah yeah
    • well we'll have more as it comes
    • But we've got the armored vehicle going right up to a door obviously they expect
    • But a fourth four four four guys with--and military gear
    • And AR-15s eight total
    • So it leaks it looks like that nice nice talk is maybe over with and
    • Now, it's the commando type time to bust down the door
  • Day 147.9. Flash Bang For Hostage Survivability? - YouTube
    • OK we're seeing two SWAT members come out
    • Now, we did not hear any gunshots
    • So which is odd looks like they're going back for something like smoke or canisters of anything or teargas
    • They're going back to their car
    • Smoke smoke or flashbangs yeah yeah
    • I think they're going with a grenade type situation here looks like another vehicle coming in here a medical vehicle is that a medical vehicle first maintenance
    • So that's just a citizen
    • oh no beeper
    • okay I know several officers went around the back and
    • Now, it looks like they've got whatever device they have with them
    • And armored vehicles coming back in looks like quite a number of additional folks coming in don't know if they're leaving or going we'll see here in a minute it seems like they were running
    • So have you used flashbang grenades
    • And your yeah in you roll those in first you kick the door down
    • And then roll them in
    • And then that's three or four of them or what do you do right row three or four flashbangs they definitely got something out of the back of their car here
    • And they got something out of the back of their armored vehicle I would guess that would be smoke or flashbang right are some sort of yes yeah something to blind the guy temporarily of course
  • Day 147.10. We May Know Gunman - Has Small Son - YouTube
    • Ok we spoke to that PG County officer right there
    • And he said there is not a hostage situation currently it's just somebody walled up in the second floor room
    • We have another SWAT coming out
    • We had I think a total of eight going in
    • So that you would be now, seven in one coming out
    • They do not look like they're taking anything down at this point
    • They they appear to be just kind of looking at the perimeter, which is odd
    • We've been moved off the scene we've tried to intrepidly try to stay as close as we can pretty much crime tape has been put all around this area
    • And this officer here is coming over to move us back we obviously see the vehicle the armored vehicle going in again, and bringing it more
    • So there may be a question as to how many rooms
    • Just having stayed in this hotel for 266 days, I can tell you one of the key reasons we stayed here was to report on ratlines
    • And different potential ratlines that are in the area
    • And occasionally folks would--spend a night here
    • And very infrequently, but occasionally and
    • So we've watched kind of the reported on the ratlines in this neighborhood very very up close and personal
    • So we of course like everyone at the hotel, everyone tries to keep trouble away from their establishment, their business
    • But it's inevitable, when you're in a in an any area, you're going to have a potentially folks that are doing illicit things in your establishment
  • Day 147.11. More Force Going In - Looks Like a Hostage Situation - YouTube
    • We still have the armored vehicle over here
    • And we have more AR-15s coming out
    • We do believe that person is armed
    • And as I said in my last video I have a potentially an idea who it is this may be connected to our fake police force
    • And that's all I'll say at this point
    • But this may be related to--we saw the police officer
    • We saw the woman police officer, we saw the woman police officer that was involved in the
    • When you were squared off on
    • ({{To TF}} Talk Lound on This One)
    • Because we saw the female police officer from PG County, that was an official police officer
    • TF: yes
    • G: that worked with you very professionally
    • TF: Right, after they came in and rolled my room
    • G: And then the fake police officer squared off on you in the lobby here, correct?
    • TF: Right. And she was--looked like I don't know if she was ordered to leave or not but she just disappeared and they wouldn't let me even go outside to see
    • G: But that was the first person I saw today I recognized her from that night
    • TF: No I saw her today. After the cop came in my room, I woke up and he was standing next in my room and he said you have to get out right now
    • G: Right
    • TF: And I saw her and she recognized me and then uh
    • G: So is this potentially, and you know who I'm talking about--here comes two more--there comes three more--
    • TF: Big deal, they're going to make an entry
    • G: This could be this could be the fake police force guy that we had talked to you about before
    • TF: Yeah
    • G: And I think they may be busting--it's more than one person
    • I'm pretty sure
    • TF: Yeah
    • G: It's it's more than one
    • TF: yeah this is
    • G: this is probably probably not one person operation
    • I think I know who this is, I think I know
    • {{ WIND INAUDIBLE -- Seems like the "wind knows just when to blow so the KEY information isn't caught on video". That's some smart, deepstate aligned wind. Damn you obama and your weather machine! }}
  • Day 147.12. Hostage Taker May Have Ties To Others At Hotel - YouTube
    • OK it looks like we've got officers coming out
    • I don't see any people are arguing at the police officers
    • I just don't understand that
    • This guy walking out in the light the Garden State better yeah
    • Now, no it's
    • So if it is I just I mean I'm not I don't want to speculate
    • But we have been here 266 days
    • I have been or longer than that now
    • And there is this coming and going of people that seem to be impersonating police officers
    • Now, if they had--let's let's speculate a little bit
    • If they had I think I go back that way if they had official police uniforms for PG County
    • And then we're not officially cops, that that's against the law
    • TF: Yes
    • And what's the what I mean you have these surplus police surplus places--what's the rule?
    • I mean if they find police equipment in the hotel
    • TF: It's a felony to impersonate a police officer
    • G: But I mean is it a felony just to have a police
    • TF: tear gas like a vest Kevlar vest or a uniform
    • G: all those things would be illegal?
    • TF: yes
    • G: I don't know if that's our gal or not oh no that's not her no it's a different gal
    • So here it just looks like there's more than one to me it just looks like more than one
    • I don't see this kind of response for more than one
    • TF: Something big is going on
    • G: I think they know I think they know that there's stuff cached here
    • I mean I I just get the feeling that they know it's a bigger, it's a bigger job than just one person with one gun
    • Lots and lots of additional yeah
    • TF: These are all detectives with the dark cars, these are undercovers
    • So I mean we're we're just getting more and more and more
    • And I think they might have an inkling that there is three or four people on this kind of--I don't want to say fake police force
    • But if you are in the business of coming and going at night at 2:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m., in a car in a police car trading off on something that looks like a police car, and you're going out, and making runs, and impersonating a police officer, that's a felony
    • And if you have two or three people doing that--that's a crime ring
    • I mean is it not?
    • TF: yes
    • So I'm not I'm not I don't want to jump to conclusions here, and saying it's more than one or two
    • But I just look at the response here, and it looks like it's far more that you would need for one person with a handgun?
    • TF: For sure
    • G: Like somebody maybe with an automatic weapon or something like that more
    • And more coming
    • So it just doesn't seem like that would be appropriate for just one person with a handgun
  • Day 147.13 A Dozen SWAT Have Gone In - Perimeter For Hostage Negotiators? - YouTube
    • We have several more cars coming in and now, more SWAT going
    • And seems like the vehicles are getting heavier as we go
    • And it looks like some of the police officers have changed out of their regular kind of dress uniforms into more BDU-- is that what you would say Task Force?
    • TF: Yes they're in their BDUs now
    • G: So those are might have more bullet protection what else do those have on them different equipment... they've got like a lot of the large pockets and stuff like that so they carry a lot of your body yeah or
    • G: So more gear padding on the elbows and knees and stuff like that
    • Now, this gal here in the gray is that some type of officer command officer or something like this this gal here?
    • That's the only grace that's the only gray uniform I've seen here at the scene
    • TF: I wouldn't say she's command, maybe another another County maybe
    • G: I know we're we're close to a couple of other counties here that they could get here easily
    • Ok well we'll keep going here it just seems like more and more firepower coming in here
    • And it just seems a overkill for one person with a handgun, if it is a situation in which I had suspected and I think we've talked about over a hundred days now, probably in this series maybe more
    • I think ever since you got here Task Force
    • And that first square off that first square off was a thing that happened
    • We had talked about a fake fake police force being run
    • And then not out of the hotel, but occasionally, occasionally, people staying here that were then, potentially, using a police car for night maneuvers, that were not official police business
    • And we have more now, we have more SWAT going in with more heavily armed, more
    • This this is probably I would say 12, now, 12 now have gone in
    • And that's just a lot of firepower for one guy with a handgun for one room I don't I don't it's just hard to believe that it's only one room
  • Day 147.15 Does Bigger Perimeter Mean Explosives Are a Factor? - YouTube
    • Walled off here, and perimeter line behind the restaurant here
    • So we'll certainly stay behind that
    • But it definitely looks like two of these mobile command centers
    • I don't know where they went I think they may be setting up over in the hotel across the street
    • This could be the situation that we have talked about for the last 100 days, which is people operating under the color-of-law, potentially
    • We had a situation like this in Los Angeles, with these fake Masonic cops
    • Again, I'm not trying to connect this in any way
    • We have more officers coming in this way now, definitely trying to
    • I cannot believe people would still be coming down this road getting in the way of the police officers
    • We've seen several citizens question police
    • And walk into the area, which you just don't understand
    • Again, somebody just walking under the police tape, almost without--oblivious to the fact that there is it there could be explosives at this point
    • It looks like there may be explosives there
    • But would you say Task Force moving us this far back?
    • TF: Possibly, because this is a huge huge crime scene
    • Have you ever seen a response this large in your experience?
    • TF: oh Yeah
    • G: What would have generated this response?
    • TF: UHH
    • TF: A Guy, guys with guns
    • G: What kind of guns? Would one automatic rifle would do this?
    • TF: Uhhh. I can't ...{{ inaudible }} explosive possibly?
    • {{ Police Tape chatters in wind with noise like a waterfall }}
    • G: well if you if you see one it just seems like a they're bringing more yeah
    • TF: huge huge crime scene
    • It just it just doesn't but I heard no shooting there no yelling no fighting no I heard some loud noises this morning
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· 38. One person dead, one wounded in shooting outside North Chicago gas station (Chicago Tribune/Lake County News-Sun)
· 39. New Trier High School graduate Charlie Tilson traded to Chicago White Sox, eager to play at U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago Tribune/Winnetka Talk)
· 40. Evanston removes rules, fees on taxis to level the playing field with Uber, Lyft (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 41. Buffalo Creek Brewing LLC has eyes on former Long Grove art gallery for new brewery (Daily Herald)
· 42. Waukegan hires Maryland artist to create sculpture honoring science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury (Daily Herald)
· 43. Panera Bread to replace Pizza Hut location in Mundelein (Daily Herald)
· 44. Barrington motorcyclist killed in southern Wisconsin after trying to pass a truck in a no-passing zone (Daily Herald)
· 45. Arlington Heights considering hiking stormwater fee to pay for $40 million sewer project designed to alleviate flooding issues (Daily Herald)
· 46. Lake Zurich High School to have lacrosse team this coming school year ahead of state sanctioning in 2018 (Daily Herald)
· 47. Switzerland, San Francisco investment firms to jointly buy Rolling Meadows office building leased mainly to Capital One Financial (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 48. Des Plaines dentist settles lawsuit for $675,000 after dropping sharp object down Hoffman Estates man's throat during root-canal procedure (CBS 2)
· 49. Arlington Heights man charged with shooting his wife to death while she held the couple's 1-year-old baby (CBS 2)
· 50. Chicago man arrested, charged with residential burglary that occurred July 29 in Des Plaines (FOX 32)
· 51. Elgin Community College gets grant to help low-income, minority, first-generation immigrant students continue education (Daily Herald)
· 52. St. Charles City Council questions economic return of $526,000 payment to Greater St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau (Daily Herald)
· 53. Hillside Fire Department responds to hazardous-materials situation along Mannheim Road (ABC 7)
· 54. WalletHub places Aurora as 103rd best city in which to flip a house (NBC 5)
· 55. Victims, families decry reinstatement of Aurora volleyball coach accused of sexual abuse of teens (ABC 7)
· 56. Windows of Naperville chiropractor's office shot out with BB guns over weekend (FOX 32)
· 57. Naperville man admits lying about not having been a member of Chinese Community Party in order to get immigration granted (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 58. New trail for Hidden Lake Forest Preserve near Downers Grove tied to improvements at Route 53 and Butterfield Road (Daily Herald)
· 59. Ikea, Samsung leasing industrial space at CenterPoint Intermodal Center near Joliet/Elwood (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 60. Alsip settles sexual-harassment lawsuit filed by former village treasurer against mayor for $120,000 (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 61. Bolingbrook police: Teen allegedly shot to death by Chicago police was driving a car stolen from Bolingbrook (Chicago Tribune)
· 62. Federal prosecutors subpoena Lincoln-Way High School District 210's e-mails involving ex-superintendent, certain board members (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 63. Four people arrested after home invasion and armed robbery in Matteson turns into barricade situation (NBC 5)
· 64. Police: One person in custody after Lansing woman beaten to death in domestic dispute (Chicago Tribune)
· 65. New Portage High School coach has shorter commute from Valparaiso than to his previous jobs (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 66. St. John Town Council removes member of Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals based on his registration as Democrat and his voting as Republican (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 67. Gary resident claims she was kicked out of Family Dollar store because of her Muslim clothing (ABC 7)
· 68. Crown Point to focus on getting new police station; new City Hall put on back burner (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 69. Merrillville-based Polycon Industries to hire 100 new employees after $15 million expansion is complete (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 70. Crown Point man convicted of illegally voting in Hebron after 2012 move (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 71. Municipalities' social-media policies place controls on public discussions (Chicago Tribune/Naperville Sun)
· 72. With 594 reported deaths, Illinois on pace to have more than 1,000 traffic fatalities in 2016 (WBBM AM 780)
· 73. Evanston residents, cyclists at odds over narrowing of streets with the addition of bike lanes (Chicago Tribune/Evanston Review)
· 74. Speechwriter for former GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush sworn in as Grayslake village trustee (Daily Herald)
· 75. Victim of domestic abuse, seen being beat in Antioch bar, left with questions even after the man who attacked her is in prison (CBS 2)
· 76. Chicago Bears to have public practice at Warren Township High School in Gurnee on Aug. 20 (NBC 5)
· 77. Wilmette native Charlie Tilson, new Chicago White Sox center fielders, out for season with hamstring injury (CBS 2)
· 78. Cream Bar Ice Cream Sandwiches to open shop in former Red Mango site at Streets of Woodfield in Schaumburg in late August (Daily Herald)
· 79. Headstone found in Arlington Heights back yard returned to Inverness cemetery (Daily Herald)
· 80. Laser Center to build manufacturing facility in Schaumburg (Daily Herald)
· 81. Neighbors upset that Schaumburg resident gets to keep 30-foot trailer in driveway; village says there's no ordinance prohibiting it (CBS 2)
· 82. Schaumburg look for shirtless man wants in connection with business burglary who may also have been responsible for another burglary in Elk Grove Village (FOX 32)
· 83. Black family from Mount Prospect wins lawsuit against white neighbor over racially-motivated harassment (Chicago Tribune)
· 84. Carpentersville Walmart refunds tax overcharges during first 11 days of store's operation (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 85. Owner of Rolling Meadows Walmart indicted on charges of bank fraud related to a mortgage scam run while he operated an Elmhurst mortgage company (Daily Herald)
· 86. Elgin Area Unit School District U-46, Geneva Unit School District 302 sign deal allowing joint swimming, diving teams at South Elgin High (Daily Herald)
· 87. Hanover Park Village Board appoints deputy police chief to top-cop post (Daily Herald)
· 88. USPS semi strikes SUV on Route 83 in Elmhurst, hospitalizing two people (Chicago Tribune)
· 89. Naperville police looking for man, naked except for a baseball cap, who got out of an SUV in front of a 15-year-old girl near the Prairie Path (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 90. Hispanic man sought in robbery of Elmwood Park bank (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 91. St. Charles-based Pheasant Run Resort abandons plans for houses, intends to build stores on property following fight with DuPage Airport Authority (Daily Herald)
· 92. Subsidiary of Toronto-based insurance company buys Oak Park apartment building for about $68 million (Crain's Chicago Business)
· 93. Aurora man charged with murder in shooting at Latin American Club (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 94. Woman files lawsuit against driver, driver's employer over July 16 crash that killed both her parents on I-290 near Elmhurst (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 95. Naperville man arrested after his mother reports finding items stolen during recent vehicle burglaries (Daily Herald)
· 96. Graue Mill in Oak Brook reopens for the season (Daily Herald)
· 97. Man struck and killed by freight train in Blue Island (Chicago Tribune)
· 98. Evergreen Park man sentenced to 3 years in prison for reckless homicide after he struck and killed a German tourist in Chicago (CBS 2)
· 99. 50-year-old Oswego man charged with felony stalking of Naperville teen (Daily Herald)
· 100. Grandfather dies after he and grandson pulled from pool in Lansing (CBS 2)
· 101. Man pleads guilty to two counts of aggravated DUI in crash that killed two parents, injured three children; sentenced to 15 years in prison (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 102. Group looks to build multi-agency training facility similar to Glenview, Ill.-based Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Academy in Valparaiso (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 103. Indiana Department of Natural Resources releases $1.3 million in funds to improve lakes and streams throughout state, including Lake Michigan (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 104. Michigan City Common Council approves $5,000 annual scholarships for high school graduates funded by casino revenues (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 105. Lake Station man in prison for dealing drugs is among 214 people whose sentences were commuted Wednesday by President Barack Obama (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 106. LaPorte County Board decides to enforce 12-ton truck-weight limit on roads connected to sand-pit site that commissioners previously gave permission to operate (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 107. Taxpayers in 70 school districts footing bill for $4 million to send more than 3,000 teachers back to college (Daily Herald)
· 108. Illinois sets first-ever hunting/trapping regulations for bobcats, but northeastern Illinois is off limits (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 109. Smithsonian's National Museum hopes skeleton of Glenview scientist who died 150 years ago will reveal his cause of death (Chicago Tribune)
· 110. Man shot in both legs during attempted robbery in Skokie; suspects at large (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 111. American lotuses return to bloom in Chain O' Lakes (Daily Herald)
· 112. Riverside police catch abused dog after resident reports animal outside their gate (CBS 2)
· 113. Man settles lawsuit alleging Fox Lake Police harassed him in Gliniewicz case (Chicago Tribune)
· 114. Light the Lamp Brewery in Grayslake plans expansion, move to 100-year-old building (Daily Herald)
· 115. Park Ridge Public Library considers allowing Maine Township High School District 207 teachers to get library cards, even if they don't live in the city (Daily Herald)
· 116. Hanover Park Runners group hopes to encourage community to run every week (Daily Herald)
· 117. Cook County judge appoints Kane County State's Attorney as special prosecutor in Laquan McDonald murder case (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 118. Kane County State's Attorney working to implement decriminalization of marijuana possession (Daily Herald)
· 119. Burr Ridge lake mysteriously drains in hours, leaving residents angry and confused (ABC 7)
· 120. Former Wheaton College student sentenced to 6 months in jail for secretly videotaping female students inside college-owner apartment building (ABC 7)
· 121. 19-year-old Auroran cited for driving while drugged in fatal Oct. 2015 crash on I-88 near Downers Grove (FOX 32)
· 122. Plainfield man charged with inappropriate contact with a child at Hinsdale Oasis (FOX 32)
· 123. Lombard Village Board considers raising restaurant tax, eliminate taxi-subsidy program to fill estimated $1.6 million budget deficit (Daily Herald)
· 124. Naperville collects 128 designs for new city flag; winner to be announced Nov. 4 at TEDx Naperville (Daily Herald)
· 125. Elmhurst couple jailed for wife's alleged sexual assault of a minor, husband's attempt to dissuade or bribe victim out of testifying (Daily Herald)
· 126. Authorities search for boyfriend of woman shot to death in Country Club Hills (Chicago Tribune/Daily Southtown)
· 127. Jailed ex-Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson sues village to get police pension back (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 128. Gear from Romeoville-based Isovac Products in place for use during Rio de Janeiro Olympics (Chicago Tribune)
· 129. Harvey man charged with murder in infant's shaking death three years ago (Chicago Tribune)
· 130. Man who assaulted Lake County, Ind., police officers near Shelby, Ind., facing extradition to Illinois to face charge of murdering Lansing woman (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 131. Gary Dollar Express issues apology after clerk kicked Muslim woman out of store for wearing hijab and niqab (ABC 7)
· 132. Crown Point Little League team to compete in Cal Ripkin Majo60 World Series on Aug. 13 in Florida (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 133. Indiana Court of Appeals rules that police must get warrant to obtain cell-phone location data (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 134. Illinois Department of Public Health reports 46 cases of Zika virus in state; eight are pregnant women (CBS 2)
· 135. Boston-based Drizly to expand alcohol-delivery platform to Arlington Heights, Barrington, Crystal Lake and Norridge (Chicago Tribune)
· 136. Victims of fiery crash on I-80 near Ottawa include man from Warrenville, couple from Highland, Ind. (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 137. Lincolnwood gun shop/shooting range gets permit to open under court order (Chicago Tribune)
· 138. Virtual-reality roller coaster 'Demon' scheduled to debut Aug. 13 at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee (NBC 5)
· 139. Deerfield couple, son to appear in court on charges related to domestic incident that injured three police officers (Chicago Tribune/Deerfield Review)
· 140. Lincolnshire working with Stevenson High School graduate on new village logo, municipal-marketing project (Daily Herald)
· 141. Longtime Maine Township trustee takes over for retired township highway commissioner (Daily Herald)
· 142. Man sues Palatine pet daycare facility for allegedly losing his dog (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 143. Schaumburg man who challenged village's treehouse ordinance removes structure, tree to get $100 fine dismissed (Daily Herald)
· 144. Commuters will be able to pay via mobile app at Fox River Grove Metra lot beginning Aug. 15 (Daily Herald)
· 145. Work on Arlington Heights' north parking garage completed (Daily Herald)
· 146. Illinois Attorney General investigating whether Aurora Public Library Board illegally discussed budget cuts, reduction in operating hours, layoffs in closed session (Chicago Tribune/Aurora Beacon-News)
· 147. Motorcyclist killed in crash on Randall Road in Batavia (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 148. Rosemont hotel evacuated after fire breaks out; firefighters find 'suspicious materials' inside room where blaze broke out (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 149. York High School cross-country coach Joe Newton to retire at end of 2016-17 school year (Daily Herald)
· 150. Naperville police arrest four people during reverse-prostitution sting (FOX 32)
· 151. Glendale Heights couple found dead in home, likely of carbon-monoxide poisoning (FOX 32)
· 152. Kane County Health Department reports 3 cases of Zika virus from travel (Chicago Tribune/Elgin Courier-News)
· 153. Downers Grove village attorney: Sandack's resignation from Legislature had nothing to due with his role at state representative (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 154. Patients at Palos Heights-based Palos Community Hospital relocated after construction workers let bat inside (ABC 7)
· 155. Monee mayor charged with aggravated battery for punching ump during July game (NBC 5)
· 156. Jury convicts Portage teen in 2014 shooting death of Portage man (Chicago Tribune/Gary Post-Tribune)
· 157. Pure Cravings Paleo Meals offers prepackaged meals out of Crown Point (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 158. Former Merrillville Dollar Tree manager accused of robbing former employer with help of two Gary men (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 159. Illinois governor signs bill into law allowing 17-year-olds who turn 18 before the general election to vote in primaries (ABC 7)
· 160. Deer Park considers applying for grant to renovate, beautify D'Angelo Park (Daily Herald)
· 161. McHenry man turns himself in after sheriff's police raid his house, find heroin and scales (FOX 32)
· 162. Child struck by van while walking between O'Hare International Airport Terminal 1 and Hilton Hotel (ABC 7)
· 163. Judge dismisses felony official misconduct charges against former McHenry County coroner, whose office didn't bury two dead babies (Chicago Tribune)
· 164. Chicago man killed in forklift accident at Des Plaines warehouse (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 165. Campton Hills looking to temp agency to fill village administrator's post (Daily Herald)
· 166. DuPage County Board ponders spending $282,000 on lobbyists in Springfield (Daily Herald)
· 167. Make-A-Wish Foundation gives Oak Park teen, who underwent three heart surgeries as an infant, a trip to Rio de Janeiro Olympics (NBC 5)
· 168. Lansing-based Sunnybrook Elementary School District 171 sees only half the expected number of kindergartners enrolled as predicted (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 169. Hammond woman killed by gun that discharged inside the car she was riding in (Chicago Sun-Times)
· 170. Valparaiso looking to buy Moose Lodge property, to build civic center there (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 171. Bureau of Motor Vehicles asks Indiana residents to vote for new license-plate design before Sept. 5 (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 172. Three local residents hope to establish hockey rink in Hobart (Northwest Indiana Times)
· 173. Suburbs turn attention to dead, dying trees on private properties, threatening or imposing fines to get homeowners to get rid of them (Chicago Tribune)
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[Table] IAMA white guy who worked the overnight shift weekend shift alone at an inner-city housing project. I have seen a ton of messed up stuff AMA..

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¿ What scarred you for life? The one thing I will NEVER forget is a young girl who hung around on the weekends. I had a suspicion that she was younger than 18 but she claimed she was 18. When I asked to see her ID, she showed it to me and it looked legit (holograms and what not) and said she was 18. I come in one weekend and ask where she is because she was not around. It turns out she was a runaway who got sucked into the sex trade which is rampant in Ohio and was shipped down to Columbus. Guys were passing her around upstairs for 10 bucks a pop. She was 14. I felt fucking horrible for not trusting my gut. I guess I will tell you something else since I already posted something about a young girl who was a a runaway and was passed from guy to guy for 10 dollars a pop. Another instance involved another prostitute. She was legit mentally handicapped, could barely function. She started showing up towards the end of my time there. She was passed around as well but I believe her rate was 5 for sex. Apparently she was having a heart attack and a guy just put her in the elevator and pressed the down button so she would come to the lobby. The elevator opened and she was obviously in need of help. I laid her down and called an ambulance. It turned out it wasn't a heart attack but she turned out to be alright and showed back up later that night.
Since when is the sex trade rampant in Ohio? Toledo is a huge hub for interstate human trafficking. I will find some stats if I get a chance. I'm not insulting Ohio, it is just that you can get to somewhere like 75% of the country within 24 hours from Ohio.
Did you make friends with any of the people there and what did they think of you? Oh yea of course. There were about 150-200 residents there. I tried my best to help everyone. When I first showed up they thought I was a cop because I was white. There was a guy James who would come and mop the lobby every night at 3 AMish. We built a pretty strong bond. I helped him make a resume and he eventually got a job because of it. I found out that he had never eaten out at a breakfast restaurant so I took him to breakfast one morning after I got off and he had a blast. The funny thing was he ordered a burger and fries for breakfast. There were plenty of people I made friends with they were usually older than me though.
What can you tell us about your views on systemic problems? That is, on a macro scale, what problems do you see with the overall system (i.e., the governmental response to poverty via the policing system/war on drugs, welfare system, social services, education, etc) that have impacted the lives of people where you work? Do you have a sense of what changes could be made to improve these people's lives over the long-term? As with anything else on the macro scale it all comes down to money. These residents cant afford to pay 1000+ dollars of rent every month so they are ignored. Columbus is also trying to gentrify the west side where these projects are so they are in talks to blow this building up because they dont make money off of it. The police really could give two shits about this place. I called the police plenty of times and it would take them an hour or more to show up. That's what pissed me off the most. They would show up, write things down and leave. Even if we had video footage they would say that a detective would be there Monday to investigate and the detective would never come. This happened twice. If you do not have money you are fucked. The fucked up thing is that say a person who is paying 20 bucks a month in rent gets a job. Their rent immediately goes up to about 460 dollars a month. Most jobs residents got were minimum wage so how are you supposed to work you way out of the system when the system keeps taking any money that a person makes. I do not see a wide spread change such as tearing the building down and giving residents housing assistance working for everyone. I talked to residents all the time about how life could get better and it seemed like a more micro approach would work.
460 dollars a month? I live in Columbus and that's more than I pay... Is that comparable to other apartments in the neighborhood? I am not sure. From what I saw while I was driving around that part of town there are not too many other apartments. The location is ideal though. Downtown Columbus is a half mile away. Like I said rent was on a sliding scale, however I did not dig deeper into how they decided those rates.
Did anyone ever lie about if they had a job to keep their rent down? Yea...I even advised a few to do so...
What was the racial makeup of the residents? Racial makeup=80% black, 19% white, and two mexican guys.
Was there ever a time where you saw someone being treated unfairly or being taken advantage of because of race, age, ethnicity, etc? If you saw this, did you ever feel compelled to do something about it? Could you have done something about it? The Housing Authority (CMHA) really treated these people like dog shit. Most residents barely paid rent. Rent is paid on a sliding scale so some residents paid like 20 bucks a month but that might have been 50% of their net worth. Anytime ANYTHING went wrong in their apartments (flooding, heat not working in the middle of winter, AC not working in older residents apts in the summer) residents had to wait until monday. I did my best to hound them until they sent someone out. Sending someone out meant paying overtime and they were too cheap for that. Maybe three times they sent someone out in the year I was there. I tried to help and have basic mechanical skills but I am limited in my abilities to help.
So you saw a lot of misery. But with 150-200 people there, and you with a (remarkably) open compassionate attitude, I'm guessing you also saw some good people trying hard to make good lives. Can you recall some things that pleasantly surprised you? Oh yea there were plenty of people who just had slipped in life and they were working hard as fuck to make it back in their lives and when bad shit happened to them I just felt horrible because I knew they were working. One big success story was that guy James who mopped the floors, he helped out anyway he could around the building. Whenever pipes would burst he would be there to mop up the floor and put buckets down. He would wash and wax floors. He got back on his feet. Got a job. And because of all of the work her put in around the building the building manager actually paid his rent for a year. I would say 2/3 of the residents were hard working people who either were injured or just kept fucking up and ended up there.
What was the most dangerous situation you were put in? There were plenty of times I had to defend myself. One time in particular a couple was walking into the lobby to go up to their apartment. Another couple came up behind them (who did not live there) and tried to snatch the ladies purse and beat up the guy. I hopped over the desk and had to "L" the one guy out until he agreed to leave. I saw his lady Friend reach into her purse and pull out a knife at which point I let them go. They left and I called the police. I believe they were caught later. I HATE bullies and to see that just pissed me off.
What is "L"? It is a choke hold. Looks almost like a sleeper hold. One arm goes across the throat and the other one behind the head. It immediately shuts off the airway.
"L"? Sorry it must be something we called it growing up.
Kill niggers. The funny thing is, the couple who was doing the robbing was white..
What? o.o. I explained it above, it was a chokehold. I am sure it has many names.
Its a TJ Strongbow lol. Styx is the Gweatest Amerwican Wock Band, and the only Weason they caught a bad Wap was cuz most critics were cynical Assholes.
*cwitics. Damn autocorrect.
What was the biggest moral decision you had to make there? and how great was the racial tension between you and the majority black population there? Moral decision....that is a tough one. I would say always just trying to remain unbias no matter how shitty a particular resident had treated me. I was threatened pretty much on a weekly basis. I just brushed it off. But the next week they would usually be apologetic (and sober) and would ask for some kind of help. There wasn't too much racial tension. It wasn't like they hated me because I was white. Once they got to know me and realized I had grown up in Baltimore and was not just some rich ohio state student they started to accept me. However I was called "cracker" and "honky" on a regular basis and I had to explain to them that this wasn't "the jeffersons" and those words dont sting anymore.
What was the craziest thing you saw? There are a lot. I wouldn't say this was the craziest. I mentioned my craziest in a previous post. A particular resident was really off the hook. Let's call him E. He was addicted to crack and would wander the streets all night and just steal from people (how this guy survived this is beyond me) but he would show up every night with a cart full of stolen goods/shit he found in the dumpster and try to sell it to me. I started calling him Bubbles but he didnt get the reference. The craziest thing was probably this twenty something year old guy who had alot of women in and out of his apt. One day during the day shift (I wasnt there but saw on camera later) a girl came and started arguing with him in the lobby. He beat her within an inch of her life. Closed fist punches and everything. Once she was on the ground he booted her right in the jaw. Teeth and blood were everywhere. When I had gotten to work I noticed the stain and asked the working second shift what that was and he said it was the womans blood.
"He just waltzes in there, and becomes the king of the carts. What the fuck does he think I'm supposed to do? " Yea man I am from Baltimore, so any chance I get to quote the wire. I take it. I actually did a project at OSU which involved videos and references to The Wire...
What is the story that you would most like to share with us? There are plenty of stories. There was alot of crazy stuff there. I mentioned some already. One story that comes to mind was with this resident nicknamed Frog. He was hooked on crack. Right before I left he got hooked on bath salts which is a rising craze among addicts because it doesnt show up on piss tests. He attempted to commit suicide and almost jumped but the fire dept saved him. While I was there two people jumped (1 survived). Two guys died from medical reasons. One guy died from going fishing on a boat while drunk as hell and falling in the water and did not know how to swim. A lot of misery there.
What do they do with bath salts and how does this get one high? Haha I am still learning tryin to figure it out. From what I have been told you snort em and it is just like a coke high. I hope your not gonna go out and start snorting haha, shit will fuck you up.
Was there a housing police force that policed the area? If not, was it just the city police force? Yea, they came by usually once a night. But they were pretty much rent a cops even though one was cool and former Air Force. They were not armed. Pretty much stopped by every night around 2 AM to take a shit in the employee bathroom haha.
>One day the cop arrested CT for a humble. Do you mean that the cop's intent was to humble CT, or is "humble" some kind of slang for an amount of drugs or something like that? Its slang, sorry its habit. It means a minor misdemeanor charge (i.e. disturbing the peace etc.)
What is the drug scene like in a project high-rise? Is it run of the mill crack and impure heroin? Or since it's Ohio is meth a big deal? Not much meth. Mostly crack and heroin. We had dealers come in and pay residents to move in with someone else so they could just set up shop in an apt and people would go right there. They would usually last a couple of weeks and word would get out and they would either leave or be kicked out. Like I said the police were useless. While I was working, there were two big drug guys everyone would go to for their shit. One used to be a cat burglar who would pay hookers so he could go down on them (not the other way around haha), and the other was more of a stone cold dealer, never talking unless he needed too and people respected him.
1) Did the residents ask you for money/handouts? 2) Did you ever give money to residents? 3) Ever get mugged/robbed or items stolen while on the job? 1.)ALL THE TIME! haha. every night it was "hey john, you got a dolla?" Usually people would come with four quarters and ask for a "hard dollar" because the dealers didn't like change 2.) No, I would sometimes give change for a dollar if i knew they were using it for laundry 3.) No but someone did put nails under my tires so that they would go flat. One of them did, I was lucky all four didnt. I was careful to keep all my stuff locked up and my car within sight in the parking lot.
>Hey john, you got a dolla I need dolla dolla....dolla is what I need.
Did you ever have to take the witness stand in court for something that went down during your shift? After that attempted robbery the columbus police took my info but I was never called. The guy who was working during the beating of that woman was asked to be a witness but turned it down. He was changing jobs soon and didnt want the hassle.
Good luck, and congrats. My wife's an LISW, MSW, from OSU. edit I had asked first if graduation was in June, then remembered OSU is switching to semesters, from quarters, and it all made sense. You going to go to grad school at OSU? No. I am moving back to Baltimore and going to grad school at the University of Maryland. Not at OSU. They are still on the quarter system so technically they have 3 or 4 graduations a year. I planned it so I graduated this quarter so I can get a jump start on getting a job.
This is off topic but I'm thinking about joining the military to help pay for college. Are you happy with your decision to do so? I do not regret the experience. I do regret not being more prepared to handle my recruiters. The GI Bill was def worth it but make sure when you go in you are doing what you want to do and not what your recruiter nudges you to do. What branch are you considering?
<3 BC. Moi aussi.
Did you like Seattle? Loved it..I was a lacrosse coach on bainbridge island...I have a lot of great memories out there.
Were the police shown the video evidence? what did they say about it? What is the reasoning behind them not making an arrest? Yes they were shown evidence...they said I detective would be along Monday to investigate detective showed happened multiple times.
Jeez. How many justified arrests were made while you worked there in comparison to all the crime that was going on? Honestly, one. A guy named E who I compared to Bubbles from "The Wire" was arrested one time for selling stolen goods. It was some shameful shit. Cops were there almost every weekend but no arrests were ever made.
Sounds weird.. but has someone ever died while you were working? Natural or otherwise? Oh shit...I almost forgot. This did happen. I think my second month working there. A woman came in looking for her brother. I called up to his apt but there was no answer. She said that no matter what he always had lunch with their brother every saturday and he had not shown up or answered his phone. I got a sinking feeling when she said that. I called the police (this had to happen for me to go into someones apt without their permission) they came and I opened the door and saw this guy laying there. He was dead and I had to go down there and console his sister and nephew.
Oh man, that sucks for them. You ever find out what it was from? He had heart problems. I asked around and people told me it was a heart attack but I never saw a medical report or anything.
So what's the solution? There is no solution really. I could take it on a case by case basis but it is up to the people to want to change. Believe it or not some people loved that existence and did nothing to better their situation no matter how much I tried to advocate for them. They would just keep making excuses. It's sad really.
If you had the capability, would you dust off and nuke the whole site from orbit? No haha, although after some rough nights I wish I could. I did joke that we should somehow get the drug dogs into the building for a surprise raid and I would sit outside in a lawn chair drinking beer and laugh at how many drugs are thrown out the windows..
My dad worked at a liquor store across the street from the projects, he always had a gun on him, in plain sight did you do the same? No I never carried a gun. I am pretty good with my hands (boxing, wrestling etc.). I know the corner store workers by the projects here had a gun. A guy came back pissed off because the store owners pulled the gun on him for apparently no reason. I didnt believe the guy at first but I could see how distraught he was. I felt bad for him.
Which do you think comes first; homelessness or addiction? Addiction definately. Most of the residents were referred there from a local shelter called the faith mission. None of the ones I talked to that used to be homeless were clean while they were homeless.
Sorry, read through a little bit more and wanted to ask another question. You're from Baltimore, where the drug trade and problems with the city was much publicized by The Wire (and David Simon in general). Then, you worked in Columbus, which I think most people would be surprised had a ghetto at all. Anyway, do you think the publicity of Baltimore's inner city helped it? Does Columbus struggle to get help/resources because of an out of sight/out of mind mentality? Or, do you think it has no effect at all? Lastly, I'm assuming you're white because of your white flight comment. Did race play any role in how the tenants treated you? The only thing "the wire" helped was to open up people's eyes to a society they had no idea was 10 mins away from their fed hill rowhome. I have not seen any reform or resources thrown to the west side of Baltimore since the wire came on the air although the ports which were focused on in season 2 seem to be doing a little better. Columbus's west side has its own reputation which is very well known. Politicians know about it. However right now it is going through a gentrification process. A casino is being built and I believe 2 public housing complexes have been destroyed (dont quote me on that figure, I know of one for sure Riverside Bradley). The projects that I worked in are scheduled for demolition but the date keeps getting pushed back so who knows. Some resources such as section 8 housing vouchers are being thrown their way but besides that there is a long way to go. FInally race did play a big role at first and in time that dwindled. At first they assumed I was a cop because I was white, and then people took a long time to warm up to me which I expected. After they realized I was not just some rich Ohio State University kid whose mommy and daddy paid for everything they warmed up to me pretty quick. I said before that racial terms like Honky and Cracker and Whiteboy were thrown around but they never affected me.
So, I notice a lot of negative questions, which is normal, but as someone who spent years living in and around the projects I always was impressed by the underground economics of the place. The residents are seriously very ingenuitive and find interesting ways to make money (fixing things that are FUBAR, getting ppl. free cable, making homemade meals for lunch etc...). What are some interesting ways you saw people making money? Also, as far as gangs go, did you notice the gangs and other organizations helping to police the community, or in your eyes were just making everything worse? Oh many the economy of the projects was amazing. You nailed it. People would make money doing anything. Some people would clean your apartment. There was one guy who would fix your car, another who would wash it. Women would do your hair. One sign I saw hung up offered to actually bathe people (this included a foot scrub and cleaning behind the neck haha). There was always a way for people to make money. As far as gangs go, there was not too much activity in the actual project. Dealers were there, however gangs were not their muscle at least in the building. In the surrounding communities they were active. However the dealers did try to help the residents. They bought a TV for the lounge area, they would order the boxing fights and throw parties, and they would order pizza for random people and sometimes even pay peoples rent. However if you got in debt to the dealers you better believe you would do your damndest to pay them back. As long as you were on their good side you were fine. However, I have digressed. To your question of self policing, most of the time this is what happened. People would fuck up and others would either help or punish whoever was involved. Police were called quite often but it was mostly for minor squabbles. I hope I answered your question.
Did any of the statues or props in the inner city houses come to life overnight? Naaa I dont think the golden tablet was there...probably stolen by one of the fiends and pawned.
To my knowledge there is really only one true high rise projects in Columbus, by osu east? Is this where you worked? Assuming you went to osu, how would you compare where you worked to the section 8 around campus? The one I worked at u can see it from 315. It is called sunshine terrace. I'm not sure if there are others..its on the westside by mt carmel west. I did not hang out too much by the on campus housing I live up in Dublin. So I can't compare.
Also a question. ive done work with at-risk kids in these kinds of projects. Are there any programs in place by you to help keep the kids off the streets, and out of the whole poverty cycle? There were not any kids in these projects except for maybe those that visited on weekends. We had one little guy call 911 and hang up in the lobby and all kids of cops and fire engines showed up. I do work with at risk youth at my internship and there are alot of programs to help them get off the streets. Two are LiFE Sports and Camp Mary Orton's Wilderness bond program. Both can be found online..
Why is it relevant that you're white? Its not. I was just putting it in the title to get people's worked.
Did you ever have any homo erotic experiences with any of the people that lived there? Aaaaaaalllllll the time....jjjjjuuusssstttt kkiidddiiinngg....there wasnt too much man love but I knew for sure three gay guys who lived there....its not exactly the most welcoming demographic.
Were there any kids growing up there? would visit on the weekends and stuff but there were no kids living there.
Mine is..... Nice...just recently discovered the band I love their shit. Although you could be a Dicken's lover haha.
Why did you feel the need to call out that you are white? Gotta be honest on this one. It was kind of a big deal with people around here knowing that I was a white guy working in a predominately black housing project. I could care less either way but it was just habit I suppose..
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